New Things

Big Mig Lino print £350 framed
Il Campionissmo £250 unframed
Lino Print 2, a lino print exhibition that I curated with some of the UK’s best ‘lino types’. CLICK HERE to watch.
Jonny drawing (each drawing is approved before I make the final version)
One man and his daughters dog
Somerset Maugham Mural, Oxford Street, Whitstable
Original Somerset Maugham Lino Prints £125 (gold)
Clickmas Images for LMPP Studio Ltd
Here’s me and the lovely Sadie Hennessy at Harry Pye’s RA Summer show 2021 ‘showing off our wears’. Me obviously channeling my inner Jackson Pollock as usual.

500 Cut Outs For The Marlowe Theatre Social Distancing Project.
Waiting For The Show To Begin. 50 different portraits drawn in just over a month
So the #marloweflatmates had their day and worked well.

The Kit Map
Leroy and Talma
David Lynch bought by Aurelie (who is french) for her husband (this is him).
Nathan and his gouache portrait of Lou Reed
Lemon and Yolko £330 framed
John Lennon is Not Dead – he’s 80! The Stash Gallery
Fri 02 Oct 2020 18:00 – Sat 24 Oct 2020 23:00
Alex Turner from The Arctic Monkeys Gouache Painting
Bunsen, Radish and the recently departed Beanie
Portraits from £200
Rocky £300 for the full Rover
Lola and Belle
Uncle Mike, portrait commission
Portraits from £200
Takaloo, ex world champ, handing out prizes, at the Will Horley charity boxing event.
Tyson Fury Painting £800
A blast from the past… Bookman Mural from my dads bookshop circa 1988